The Hyve is a young, innovative and fast-growing company providing professional IT services for open source biomedical informatics solutions. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality and impact of research by enabling scientists in life sciences and healthcare R&D with open source software, open data and open standards. We are convinced that open source components will eventually be at the core of all Life Sciences software. 


The Hyve data engineers

The Hyve Team - biomedical informatics solutions company

We provide services around biomedical informatics solutions to most of the top 20 biotech and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities, and medical centres in the United States and Europe, such as Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and King’s College London. We also collaborate with biobanks, registries, and patient organisations around the world. Our supported solutions include cBioPortal, RADAR-base, Open Targets, tranSMART, OHDSI/OMOP, Podium and still expanding (Read more about our solutions).


Our values and principles


Share: We encourage the exchange of research data between scientists, and of software between consortia and institutes, as we believe that ultimately everyone will benefit from this approach.


Reuse: It is always nice to create and buy new things. However, in the end, it is more sustainable to reuse and recycle existing products. Software is no exception to this rule.


Specialize: In this day and age, if you want to excel, you need to specialize. We chose to specialize in open source software for Life Sciences and biomedical research, building web applications capable of handling, analysing and visualizing large quantities of data.



Focus areas

  • Digital Biomarkers
  • Cancer Genomics
  • Target Discovery
  • Real World Evidence
  • Implementation of FAIR guidelines
  • Research Data Management

Our services

  • Consultancy
  • Deployment
  • Software Development
  • Data Engineering
  • Training
  • Hosting, Maintenance & Support


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The Hyve biomedical informatics solutions company - ISO27001 certified

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