The QuaLiFY project is an EU-funded project that aims to create a platform that provides information and services in the field of personalized dietary advices. QuaLiFY holds 16 parties from 10 European countries. The Hyve is one of the involved parties. We are mainly involved in designing and developing the server platform, as well as in the discussion on how to represent the several web-services. Our activities are focused on hosting the platform and on connecting new data, algorithms and apps to the platform.

Creating a platform seems a logical next step, because there is currently a lot of scientific research going on in the field of food recommendations, based on an individual genotype or phenotype. Food4Me and EuroGene are two innovative consortia, which have developed scientifically validated models to provide personalized dietary advice. Another fascinating development is the innovation and massive adoption of ‘Quantificatied Self’-tools, apps and devices. Next to the known initial players like FitBit and Nike FuelBand, several large companies like Apple, Samsung and Google are stepping up their activities. The next version of the iPhone is expected to hold functionality that monitors of your health. Other major smartphone manufacturers are also working on smart wearables, with sensors for self-quantification. The QuaLiFY project aims to combine these two innovations, by creating a system that can store, integrate and distribute scientifically validated information. The information will be made available through easy-to-use web-services, which other parties can use to create services on.

QuaLiFY is an interesting, innovative and challenging project. We will have to see what the future will bring. More information can be found on the website of QuaLiFY. If you have the need for additional information, feel free to contact us.