The FAIR guidelines are a set of principles aiming to support research by facilitation of data reusability. The guidelines help researchers and data owners to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. This is not only a precondition to get the most value from research data, but is a mandatory requirement by most funding bodies such as the European Commission.


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The Hyve supports the FAIR movement in multiple ways

We are continuously making an effort to ensure a high level of FAIRness for the open source software tools we support. One recent example is our participation in a hackathon to increase the FAIRness of TranSMART, as open source data warehouse for integration of clinical and omics data.

The Hyve also supports services that enable researcher to make data FAIR and provides solutions to publish and share data to facilitate open science. We also offer advice to researchers on open source platforms that allow the optimal (re-)usage of  research data.

We are also raising awareness by organizing trainings and FAIR hackathons to enable researchers and data stewards to improve the FAIRness of their data.  


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How relevant are the FAIR guidelines for you?

If you have data of any sort, compliance to FAIR guidelines will definitely have benefits for you. Not only will you actively facilitate knowledge discovery by allowing others to find and potentially access your data sets for their own research, but you will be part of a fast growing community that strives to ensure the highest possible impact of science and research.


Services we offer around FAIR guidelines

We are fully aware that most data is not either FAIR or not, but can exhibit several degrees of FAIRness. At The Hyve, we try to support you in taking the right measures to reach the highest level of FAIRness.   

Services primarily aimed at data owner of exisiting data

  • Assessment of the FAIRness of your data.
  • Identification of ways to quickly and efficiently improve the FAIRness of your data!

Services primarily aimed at researchers that plan projects

  • Creation of a data management plan compliant to FAIR guidelines.
  • Assistance in grant proposal preparations.


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