TranSMART is a knowledge management platform that enables scientists to develop and refine research hypotheses by investigating correlations between genetic and phenotypic data, and assessing their analytical results in the context of published literature and other work.

This open source web platform for translational research originated from Janssen R&D. It is a very popular platform which is gaining momentum amongst pharmaceutical companies, but also with academic hospitals and academic consortia. In Europe alone, more than EUR 100 million worth of projects is being spent on adopting and improving tranSMART. The Hyve is one of the leading service providers worldwide for tranSMART development, implementation and support services, and is fortunate to have many of the top 10 pharma companies as well as a number of academic institutions in Europe and the US as its customers.

At The Hyve, we are thrilled to be part of open source communities like this. We play an important part in the development of the platform with our involvement in a.o. the CTMM TraIT and IMI EMIF projects. We contributed important pieces such as the tranSMART installer, the inline genome browser and support for proteomics, metabolomics, RNAseq and arrayCGH data, the RESTful API and the R client library, and we also started the core API layer in an effort to solidify the tranSMART architecture.

Recent efforts towards the upcoming 2017 release include the much wanted features for time series, samples and cross-study concepts. The underlying data model was realigned with I2B2 making it easy to port your I2B2 data into tranSMART. See a full overview of the 17.1 developments here.

The community includes the tranSMART foundation, IMI eTRIKS, IMI EMIF and various pharma companies, including Janssen, Sanofi, Pfizer and Roche.

Please contact us or fill in the contact form at the bottom for more information on how we can deploy and adapt tranSMART to your needs. Also, feel free to explore the tranSMART Foundation wiki and its YouTube channel.

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