shareSharing is a key value for us. We believe that sharing what we do and what we create will ultimately yield more benefits than keeping everything for ourselves. We also want to encourage sharing in science: the exchange of research data between scientists, and of software and data between consortia and institutes.




reuseCreating and buying new things is always fun to do. However, sometimes the world is better off if we re-use or recycle existing stuff. That is true for consumer products, but also for software. If something has been done already and you can use that, you can save your energy for creating truly novel and innovative products. We also use this approach to bring academic innovations to commercial companies, and both parties love us for it.




specializeWe believe in building bridges (for example between biology and bioinformatics), however, if you want to really excel in something, you have to be good at it. Therefore we encourage specialization, and we do not hesitate to bring others in if we don’t have a specific expertise in-house.

Our specialization is leveraging open source software for bioinformatics and translational research.

Our technical expertise lies in building web applications that handle large amounts of data and provide different visualizations of this data, all through an intuitive and user friendly interface. We have extensive experience in dealing with scientists, who tend to be demanding customers in these areas.