It’s been very quiet here at our website since Lisa (who did an internship on a.o. marketing) left us to continue her studies… In contrast, at The Hyve, things have never been more busy than they are right now. Especially over the last few months, we have been growing at an amazing rate, with about 2 new people joining the team every month! The growth is mainly driven by new projects coming in – and thereby shows the success of our story and business model in the market.

Clearly there is something about our offering that resonates very well with a fundamental shift in the markets in which we operate. If it were up to me to indicate what our secret is, I would say it is open innovation at work. The poster case for how open source software can accelerate pre-competitive collaboration (one of the driving forces in the pharma services market at the moment) would still be tranSMART, as I also explained in my earlier post. But we also see a growing interest in other open source platforms that we support, in areas such as biobanking and translational research.

There are two different factors about open source that are interesting for our clients. First of all, it often comes with a cost reduction, and a reduced risk for vendor lock-in. But more importantly, it enables collaboration with parties that would otherwise never be in the picture, such as colleague’s from competitor firms, and researchers from academia, medical centers and hospitals! Here’s a presentation that I recently gave at GDDIS in Princeton: 

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