AACR 2023: A Collaborative Journey in Cancer Research

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting, held in Orlando this year, proved to be a transformative experience for attendees from around the world. The AACR Annual Meeting brings together clinicians, researchers, and other professionals from around the world to share the latest advances in cancer research and treatment. From insightful scientific discussions to meaningful connections with colleagues and collaborators, AACR provided a platform for advancing the fight against cancer. Sjoerd, Mirella, and Sander, The Hyve's representatives, traveled from the Netherlands to participate in this year's edition of the prestigious event. Let's dive into their experiences and discover the collaborative and inspiring atmosphere they encountered at AACR 2023.

A World of Knowledge and Collaboration

For Mirella, attending AACR was a significant career milestone. The conference was massive, with presentations, poster sessions, and discussions covering every aspect of cancer research. The best part? Mirella finally got to meet her colleagues from the cBioPortal community in person! They work closely together daily but met face-to-face at the AACR Annual Meeting. It was an incredible opportunity to strengthen their bond and fuel their mission of promoting open science through collaboration. Mirella also loved connecting with collaborators, forging stronger relationships, and driving their research forward.

Mirella and Sander got to meet face-to-face with the cBioPortal community at the AACR Annual Meeting.

Sander, too, found AACR to be an inspiring experience, encompassing both scientific excellence and valuable networking opportunities. The conference brought together major players in cancer research, showcasing impressive presentations, posters, and booths. Sander was captivated by sessions like "Beating KRAS: A 30-Year Overnight Sensation," which provided a comprehensive summary of KRAS research, and "The 17 deadly CINs: A pan-cancer compendium of chromosomal instability," which shed light on the characterization of cancers through copy number alterations. Networking proved crucial for Sander as he forged connections with clients, collaborators, and new acquaintances, enriching their professional relationships.

The AACR Annual Meeting was a great place to forge connections with clients, collaborators, and new acquaintances. Here’s Sander in action!

Collaboration Empowers Cancer Research

Sjoerd, Mirella, and Sander recognized the power of collaboration at AACR. The conference provided a unique space for researchers, clinicians, and professionals to join forces, exchange knowledge, and drive advancements in cancer research. By working together, they could explore new ideas, innovate, and make meaningful progress in fighting cancer.

Mirella was particularly excited about the educational session on Friday, April 14, with the topic "Hold that squat: exercising to better cancer outcomes," which presented and discussed how aerobic and resistance exercise have different effects on improving health and cancer outcomes. The talk shed light on the importance of non-interventional strategies, like exercise, in improving the lives of cancer patients. This resonated with her previous research on the importance of healthy living, fueling Mirella's hope that simple lifestyle changes, alongside proper therapy, could make a positive impact. Sander, on the other hand, was blown away by the scientific presentations that revealed groundbreaking discoveries and potential treatments for cancer.


Attending AACR 2023 was an awe-inspiring journey for Sjoerd, Mirella, and Sander. They were captivated by the collaborative spirit and scientific excellence that permeated the conference. AACR brought researchers, clinicians, and professionals together, encouraging collaborations and driving advancements in the fight against cancer.

Looking back, Sjoerd, Mirella, and Sander are even more committed to making a difference in cancer research. They firmly believe that through collaboration, innovative approaches, and the application of newfound knowledge, progress in fighting cancer will continue to accelerate. AACR remains an essential platform, fueling inspiration and uniting the global community in the collective pursuit of defeating cancer. We can't wait to return next year to see what's in store.