FAIR, FAIRer, FAIRest - Watch Wouter Franke’s presentation on FAIR Data Maturity from BioTechX Europe 2023

The BioTechX Europe Conference 2023 took place in person in Basel, the pharma hub of Europe. Hyvers Harry van Haaften, Mirella Kalafati, Wouter Franke, Nikola Nacev, and Jessica Singh attended this conference. They enjoyed listening to speakers from the top 50 pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and healthcare systems.

The Hyve’s Real World Data and Consultancy Team Lead, Wouter Franke, presented an insightful talk at The BioTechX Europe Conference’s Data Integration and FAIR track. Watch a recording of his presentation titled, “FAIR, FAIRer, FAIRest - An overview of FAIR Maturity” below.

FAIR, FAIRer, and FAIRest - An overview of FAIR Maturity

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Wouter provides a captivating presentation about different FAIR Maturity models and their scope. He emphasizes that the primary goal of FAIR is that both people and machines can use data more efficiently. This can be data from different systems within or between organizations or industries. Specifically, when highlighting the significance of machine-comprehensible data, he elaborates that for data to be FAIR, it needs to be self-explaining. In other words, a ‘machine’ should be capable of understanding the data without requiring a domain expert to define the information it encounters explicitly. The end result of going FAIR is that data can be optimized for analytics, is reusable, and increases the value of implicit knowledge.

As we reflect on our enriching time in Basel, surrounded by leaders in biotechnology, pharma, fast-growing industry start-ups, and established solution providers, BioTechX Europe 2023 provided a panoramic view of the industry’s trajectory. We enthusiastically shared our tools, services, and vision to drive life science research forward. Needless to say, we’re counting down the days until the next BioTechX Conference!

Interested in learning more about FAIR principles? Continue reading here. Explore the potential of our FAIR tool, FairSpace, to gain a comprehensive understanding. The Hyve’s Research Data Management experts are ready to assist in restructuring your organization’s data or tools in a FAIR-compliant manner.

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