CINECA project and implementation of the FAIR principles

The CINECA project (Common Infrastructure for National Cohorts in Europe, Canada, and Africa) aims to accelerate disease research and improve health by the exchange of transcontinental, human data. The CINECA partners recently organised a series of webinars titled “How FAIR are you?” This series concluded with a 2-day hackathon, during which the consortium members discussed how to best apply the FAIR principles in practice and assess the FAIRness of their own resources.

How to measure FAIR is a fundamental and recurring question when implementing these principles. Interestingly, this question aligns with another project that The Hyve is involved in: FAIRplus, an IMI project focused on making data FAIR.

Data Manager Jolanda Strubel shared the lessons learned with measuring data FAIRness within FAIRplus. A recording of this presentation is now available at the CINECA YouTube channel, as are recordings of the other hackathon and webinar presentations.

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We are really happy to see these big projects interacting with each other and to share our experience with implementing FAIR.