Streamlined Study Filtering based on Data Types in cBioPortal

The Hyve is excited to announce the latest enhancement to cBioPortal designed to make your research experience even more seamless. In version 5.4.9, we've introduced a new and user-friendly "Data Type Filter" on cBioPortal’s landing page, now available on and cBioPortal GitHub repository.

Why is this important?

When exploring publicly available studies on the cBioPortal’s landing page, users can now go beyond filtering studies solely based on the reference genome. Previously, users had to rely on the Data Sets page to discern available data types, resulting in a less intuitive and inefficient user experience.

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Enhancing User Experience

With the new reference genome filter option, we seized the opportunity to improve user functionality further. Now, you can effortlessly filter studies based on specific data types directly from the landing page. No more guesswork or unnecessary clicks – this enhancement ensures a smoother journey to the information you need.

How Does it Work?

The Study Search Menu on the cBioPortal landing page has expanded to include filters related to available data types in each study, categorized by molecular profile. This addition provides a valuable boost to user experience, allowing for a more refined and focused search.

Key Advantages

  1. Effortless Filtering: Easily identify studies with specific data types of interest.

  2. Streamlined Search: Quickly access relevant information without navigating through multiple pages.

  3. Advanced Filtering Options: Refine searches based on specific criteria for a more tailored experience.

Breaking Free from Limitations

In the past, filtering by data type was a challenge. Users were limited to exploring data types on a separate page, hindering their ability to navigate datasets efficiently. With this update, we've eliminated that limitation, offering you a more robust and efficient means of accessing and analyzing relevant information.

Closing Remarks

At The Hyve, we are committed to enhancing cBioPortal features for the benefit of the entire community. To explore this new feature or learn more about cBioPortal development projects and services, visit our website. We hope this enhancement proves valuable in your work, making your research experience with cBioPortal even more powerful and intuitive.

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