The design for tranSMART 2.0 has started

With the recent 'TranSMART 2.0 Architecture Workshop', organized at our The Hyve offices in Utrecht, the basis has been laid for the next phase of tranSMART. The goals for the workshop were formulated as:

  • Create a formal strategy for contributing to tranSMART code, for the core as well as for plugins
  • Formulate a roadmap for the development of tranSMART 2.0
  • Kick off tranSMART 2.0 development by cleaning up the backend codebase

Major processes have been formulated and the core decisions for the next phase of tranSMART have been made, including:

  • The user interface(s) will be decoupled from the core of tranSMART. Communication between the core and the interface will go via the REST API, just like any other program talking to tranSMART. This allows the development of many other clients and interfaces which have the same options for controlling tranSMART and its data as the regular interface, respecting the same data security.
  • The interface will be rewritten and the suggestion has been to do this in Angular.js, allowing for a modern, interactive web interface.

The proposal for the new architecture for tranSMART 2.0 will now be taken forward in the tranSMART Foundation community, to get feedback from all kinds of stakeholders (pharma companies, hospitals, vendors, non-profits etc.) and users (e.g. clinicians, bioinformaticians and IT support) in the community. The developers are working on a whitepaper to describe the proposed architecture in a more detail.

For the attendees there was also some time reserved in the evening to have a private tour of the famous Utrecht Dom church, including a special organ concert.

Read the detailed outcomes on the tranSMART foundation Wiki.