Driving the FAIR Revolution: Fairplus' impact highlighted in Nature publications co-authored by The Hyve

The Hyve, a dedicated contributor to the Fairplus project, proudly announces the publication of two significant articles in the latest issue of Nature. The FAIR Cookbook - the essential resource for and by FAIR doers and its companion article, FAIR in action - a flexible framework to guide FAIRification represent the culmination of Fairplus’ significant contribution to advancing FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data principles. The Hyve is honored to be a co-author of these publications.

The FAIR Cookbook is an open, online resource created by researchers and data managers professionals in academia, (bio)pharmaceutical companies, and information service industries. It addressed the need for practical guidance and for support in narrowing the capability gaps. Covering key FAIRification steps, levels and indicators of FAIRness, maturity model, technologies, tools, standards, skills required, and challenges, it fills the gap in practical implementation.

Complementing this, the article FAIR in action - a flexible framework to guide FAIRification introduces a flexible "FAIRification framework" to meet the demand for practical guidance in implementing FAIR principles. This framework provides hands-on, tried-and-tested processes, offering actionable advice on translating general and high-level FAIR principles into practical steps. It consists of a reusable FAIRification Process, a FAIRification Template breaking down the process into steps, and a FAIRification Workplan layout tailored to project needs.

These publications showcase The Hyve's expertise and commitment to promoting research transparency, openness, and reproducibility. As a co-author, The Hyve has played a crucial role in shaping the content and insights presented in these publications. These tools serve as valuable resources for researchers worldwide, inspiring the adoption of FAIR principles and contributing to the broader scientific community's pursuit of transparent and impactful research.