Fraction of Genome Altered and Total Mutations added to cBioPortal Plots tab

The cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics has recently incorporated a new feature developed by The Hyve which allows for visualization of the Fraction of Genome Altered or the Total Mutations in the Plots tab.

Fraction of Genome Altered is the percentage of genome that has been affected by copy number gains or losses. Total Mutations refers to the number of mutations that are found in the tumor genome. Both attributes are useful for genetic researchers as they provide them with more in-depth information on the genomic make-up of the tumors. The attributes are also useful for finding correlations with specific alterations or clinical attributes, such as survival or tumor stage.

Until now, Fraction of Genome Altered and Total Mutations were only available in the Oncoprint tab of cBioPortal:

Current view of Fraction of Genome Altered and Total Mutations attributes in the cBioPortal Oncoprint tab.

The new cBioPortal features allow researchers to make charts that plot Fraction of Genome Altered or Total Mutations against other clinical attributes or to molecular data such as mRNA expression of a certain gene or copy-number alterations. Pearson and Spearman correlations are also calculated and displayed. Like other Plots generated in this tab, the user can download them in a range of formats: SVG, PNG, PDF. Or he can export the raw data in a tabular format.


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