Introducing RADAR-base Platform: Joris Borgdorff Presents Innovative Insights at RADAR-AD Meeting

The IMI RADAR-AD project, a pioneering public-private partnership focused on remote assessment and monitoring of Alzheimer's disease, reached a momentous milestone with a public meeting held on 16 May 2023 in Amsterdam. This event brought together esteemed researchers, regulatory specialists, and patient representatives, all eager to unveil the project's current status, highlight achievements, and discuss future sustainability plans.

RADAR-AD, funded by the Innovative Health Initiative, has been a collaborative endeavor since its launch in January 2019. The project is co-led by King's College London and Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V., attracting a diverse range of participants, including academic institutions, small-to-medium enterprises, public organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. With July 2023 marking the project's conclusion, the public meeting served as an ideal platform to share significant findings with anyone interested in the remote monitoring of patients with Alzheimer's disease.

During the public meeting, Joris Borgdorff (The Hyve), a dedicated software engineer and main contributor of the open-source RADAR-base platform, introduced the technology. This versatile digital health data platform played a crucial role in the project by effectively collecting and storing data from various wearable devices, apps, and sensors. Through this innovative platform, researchers gained access to comprehensive data sets, empowering them to make breakthrough discoveries in the field of digital biomarker development for Alzheimer's research.

The success of the RADAR-AD project showcases the power of collaboration and innovation, bringing us closer to improved detection, treatment, and care for those affected by Alzheimer's disease. For further information on the project's endeavors and outcomes, please visit