Launch of the Metabolomics GO FAIR Implementation Network

On the 10th of March, Kees van Bochove and Jarno van Erp attended the workshop “Establishing a node for FAIRifying metabolomics and phenomics data in the European Open Science Cloud”. During this workshop people from London, Oxford, Madrid, Florence, Leiden and several other places around Europe came together to discuss the future of FAIR data and witness the launch of the Metabolomics GO FAIR Implementation Network.

The purpose of this network is; to exchange research data, workflows and to create the possibility of combining metabolomics data with other sorts of phenotypic data. One of the initiatives which will help to accomplish this purpose is the Declaration of Leiden on FAIR metabolomics. Together with contributors from other universities and companies, such as EMBL-EBI, Imperial College London, Oxford University, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and DSM, we signed this document and committed to the following objectives:

  1. to form and develop the open Metabolomics Implementation Network on metabolomics data and services; we invite others to join;
  2. to collectively implement standards compliant with FAIR principles in the wider research community and to actively communicate these;
  3. to work closely together with other communities on better capturing and understanding phenotypes enabling integrated approaches;
  4. to support the GO FAIR initiative with the widespread implementation of the FAIR principles in the EOSC, contributing to a global open internet of FAIR data and services.

We want to come together again in autumn 2017 and see the progress we have made so far as the Metabolomics GO FAIR Implementation Network. In the meanwhile you can already read about one of our tools we took on a first FAIR test drive.

Are you interested in joining this network and helping us make FAIR the standard? Please contact us or our partners at the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences.