New office for The Hyve

The last couple of months have been busy at The Hyve. Next to all the projects, another big project started, the moving of The Hyve. It has been an excited period for the whole team. Harry van Haaften, CFO, and Jojanneke Blaak, assistant HR & Operations, were in charge of the design. And because our company name is The Hyve, the design has everything to do with bees. .

On 31st of May the moving took place. Everybody packed their stuff in boxes and said goodbye to the old office. Once arrived at the new office, the team was amazed with the design and the space. After some busy hours of unpacking all the stuff, we enjoyed dinner together with the whole team.

We moved to HNK CS, on walking distance from Utrecht Central Station. And we have a great view on the 4th floor.

The Hyve is now an open office. So you can easily walk to your colleagues without opening any doors. During the lunch we can make use of the nice kitchenarea where the hidden cooking talents of some teammembers are being revealed.

We have 2 Beehives where our meetings can take place. They are called: The Lazy Bee, the beehive is furnished with nice chairs. And The Busy Bee. This beehive doesn’t have any chairs. So you need to stand during the meetings. And we also have a big meetingroom named The Greenhouse.

So far The Hyve is happy with the new office. The office isn’t finished yet, but it will be very soon. So come and visit us when you are in the neighbourhood.