The Hyve’s colleagues to join OHDSI’s COVID-19 studyathon

A number of The Hyve’s colleagues are participating in a COVID-19 virtual study-a-thon from March 26 – 29. The event is hosted by The Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) international community. Bringing together more than 300 people from 30 different countries, this 4-day virtual event facilitates international collaboration and aims to generate critical Real-world evidence to support informed healthcare decision-making in response to the current global Corona virus pandemic.

The participants of the study-a-thon will generate real-world evidence to answer questions posed by national governments, public health agencies, health-related institutions, and community members in real-time over the coming days, using more than 20 different sources of patient level data across Asia, Europe and the United States. The results will be COVID-19-specific observational study designs that can also continue to be run in databases across the world after the study-a-thon is finished, to improve our understanding of the disease. More info in this press release and the kickoff video below:

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For study-a-thon updates, please keep a close watch on this page.