Watch Björn's presentation on enabling drug discovery at Festival of Genomics 2022

The Festival of Genomics and Biodata 2022 (FOG22) took place online and in-person in London from 25th to 29th January. Hyvers Harry van Haaften, Melissa Fernando, Maria Escala Garcia, Bjorn Wouters, Roman Hillje, Jolanda Strubel, and Jessica Singh attended this conference virtually. They all enjoyed the numerous talks, panel discussions and great networking opportunities.

The Hyve’s Data Scientist and Open Targets expert Björn Wouters presented a lightning talk at The Festival of Genomics and Biodata 2022 on “Enabling drug discovery with Open Targets and Open Targets Genetics”.

Björn was happy to share his knowledge about the Open Targets Genetics portal at the FOG22 conference since it contains many features that were newly developed by our team for various projects. Visit to see all our custom developments.

If you’re interested, you can watch the recording of his presentation here:

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About the talk

Title: Enabling drug discovery with Open Targets and Open Targets Genetics

The Open Targets target validation platform and genetics portal are great tools to support the discovery process, an essential part of the drug discovery pipeline. This lightning talk describes the Open Targets platform and the recently released Open Targets Genetics Platform, which allows users to discover associations between genes, variants, and traits using genome-wide association study (GWAS) data.

The Open Targets Genetics platform is a flexible solution to store, analyse and visualise GWAS data. The Hyve provides services to develop, extend and improve features in Open Targets. Feel free to contact us for inquiries on setting up the Open Targets Platform, GWAS, or other questions about drugs discovery.