Supporting Pediatric Care: The Hyve's Contribution to PHEMS Project

Exciting news! EU awards large funding to develop data-driven collaboration between European Pediatric Hospitals.

Led by HUS Helsinki University Hospital, the PHEMS project will help the development of new therapies for children, the assessment of pediatric care outcomes and the advancement of new technology solutions such as artificial intelligence in pediatrics. With 7M € funding from Horizon Europe and the UK research agency, this project runs from October 2023 to September 2026.

The OHDSI team at The Hyve is responsible for making sure the data selected for collaboration in this project is fit for purpose. We bring our wealth of knowledge in the OHDSI OMOP as well as our experience in many ambitious previous projects to produce the fitting guidelines that facilitate data sharing among hospitals.

PHEMS governance structure emphasizes ethical and legal alignment while ensuring that researchers and patients will benefit from rich datasets and advance scientific research, prioritizing patient privacy. To achieve this, the project is developing new technological solutions that facilitate federated health data analysis through next-generation anonymization and synthetic data.

Get ready for groundbreaking advancements in pediatric healthcare! Read more about the PHEMS project here.


The OHDSI suite is an open-source, modular solution that enables organizations to explore 360° patient journeys and turn data into evidence. The ecosystem provides a broad range of tools that cover all aspects of real world data and evidence − from data characterization to a standardized data model (OMOP CDM). This enables large scale cross-database analytics with OHDSI.

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