Now live: the Pistoia Alliance UX Toolkit for the Life Sciences

One of the remaining barriers in making Life Sciences R&D easier is the software used by researchers. Many Life Sciences organisations are lagging behind when it comes to the user experience of their applications.

This was recognised by the members of the Pistoia Alliance, a not-for profit alliance of Life Sciences companies that aims to lower barriers to innovation in Research&Development.

To improve the software used in Life Sciences, the Pistoia Alliances started the UXLS (User Experience for Life Sciences) project in early 2017. The labours of this project are now online: the UXLS toolkit.

The toolkit contains the how to's for 10 UX methods. It gives an overview of when to use which method, as well as the step by step descriptions on how to implement them. We are very proud of our participation in the development of the toolkit.

Read more on the development and background of this project here and in this blog post.