Julia Kurps discusses developments in EHDEN (Voice of EHDEN Podcast, Season 2)

The Voice of EHDEN podcast was started in September 2021 by the European Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN) - an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) public-private project. The podcast features experts who discuss vital aspects of working with real-world health data in large scale observational research, network studies and building 21st-century research architectures. International thought leaders, EHDEN Partners and others share their experiences and perspectives, making this podcast equally informative and inspirational!

In this episode of the Voice of EHDEN podcast, Julia Kurps, Real World Data Team Lead at The Hyve, joined Michel Van Speybroeck (Director of Data Sciences, Janssen) to talk about the Central Portal for EHDEN. They discuss the opportunities, challenges and innovations required to develop the Central Portal for EHDEN to support research and collaboration between Data Partners and researchers.

Julia and Michel first discuss their unique backgrounds and careers and the work they are co-leading with their work package (WP4) colleagues across diverse public and private organisations to build the EHDEN Central Portal, which is central to both the sustainability and the use of EHDEN in conducting open science research using OMOP-mapped data at scale for network studies.

Julia and Michel also outline the steps taken by the community so far towards building the Portal. These include requirements gathering with regard to the discoverability of data via a Catalogue through to standardised analytics (in collaboration with OHDSI) and an Evidence Hub. They also discuss EHDEN’s plan to extend the OHDSI analytical tools and support methodological aspects within an integrated framework while at the same time incorporating processes, procedures, and governance.

Listen to all this and more in the episode here.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the participants are personal and not necessarily reflective of their organisations.