Taking it to the Podium, a new request management portal

Some of you may know the PALGA request portal by now. It is a “one stop shop” for your pseudonymised data and samples from the PALGA network. However, during the Health-RI 2017 conference another request management portal - called Podium - went live.

You may be wondering - why launch yet another request portal? How is it different from PALGA? A good explanation is already given by BBMRI on their own website:

"Why was Podium developed?

To facilitate access for researchers to bio-material, clinical images and health data and to allow linkage of data, samples and/or images on subject-level across different biobanks and registries. With the portal researchers will have a single online entry point to request what they need for their research. This will ease and stimulate efficient, optimal and shared use of the available resources within the Netherlands."

This new portal not only contains the option to request samples from PALGA but is the single entry for requesting data, samples and images from all Dutch biobanks and registries including data from: PHARMO, BIOS, GoNLand Parelsnoer Institute. To keep it short: it is more inclusive, extensive, scalable and customizable.

If you want your organisations material or data to be available through Podium, do not hesitate to contact BBMRI’s service desk for registration.