Press on tranSMART workshops

After some busy yet succesful days of workshops, we are back to working again. Lots of people have attended the workshops, and we are very happy with the outcome of the workshops.

There was also some interest from the press! CTMM has written an article about the workshops and has interviewed our CTO for it. Kees van Bochove explains how the workshop is the place to look into the needs and preferences of all the involved parties on an international level. The main goal of this meeting is to combine all efforts and start building on tranSMART as a community. The cooperation at this workshop will hopefully not only lead to less working hours and cutting costs, but also to a quicker solution from research to a solution for the patient. For the whole article (in Dutch) go to the website of CTMM.

Also Scott Wagers from BioSci Consulting and eTRIKS has written an excellent blog post about the workshops. He compares the way Ford operated in the market with tranSMART. Ford had diffuculties facing the competition as they were not using their patents to block competitors. He explains how sharing individual efforts for tranSMART and working together for the same goal, will lead to a better system. According to Scott Wagers the next steps will determine whether thanSMART will succeed in the future.

We want to thank everybody for their involvement and interest in the workshops!