[Ebook] A data engineer’s guide to semantic modelling

What is this book about?

While on her semantic modelling journey, Ilaria Maresi (Data engineer, The Hyve) encountered a range of challenges. There was not one definite source where she could quickly look things up, many of the resources were extremely technical and geared towards a more experienced audience, while others were too wishy-washy. Therefore, she decided to put together this 50-page document where she explains the most useful lessons-learned in her engaging and down-to-earth writing style.

Who will find this guide useful?

Have you just started out with semantic modelling? Or want to refresh your memory? Maybe you’ve no experience with semantic modelling but feel it might come in handy? Well, this guide is for you!

What bases does this ebook cover?

We start off with the basics: what is a semantic model and why should you consider building one? Then we delve into the technical basics, and cover concepts like Resource Description Framework, Uniform Resource Identifiers, ontologies and more. Then it’s time to put what we’ve learned into practice. We’ll discuss how to build your first semantic model. Last but not least, we’ll explore how to query the model you’ve just built.

How to download “A data engineer’s guide to semantic modelling”?

Simply click here and begin your semantic modelling journey. Hope you enjoy it!

If you find this guide useful, if you have additional content, or if you have a question, please let the author know by sending an email to SemanticModels@thehyve.nl.