THAT’S FAIR ENOUGH SURVEY: Challenges & Solutions for making data FAIR

This survey has ended. The results can be found here. Thank you to everyone who has shown interest and helped us complete this survey.

About the survey

The Hyve, as part of the FAIRplus consortium, is conducting a survey regarding the challenges biomedical professionals face in adopting the FAIR principles and what products and services they find useful in carrying out their FAIR mission.

As you most likely know, the FAIR principles and “making data FAIR” have become common buzzwords in the biomedical field in recent years. Many organizations are striving to create fully FAIR data or to FAIRify existing data. In that process they often find themselves hindered by a range of challenges. To address those challenges, the FAIRplus consortium and other organizations have developed FAIR products and services in recent years. Now the question is: what is the need for new FAIR services or for improvement of the existing ones, in order to better serve life science organizations in their quest to accelerate biomedical research.

To answer the question above, we ask you to participate in a survey. The scope of this survey is to collect feedback from professionals in the biomedical field about their experiences with the FAIR principles, the main challenges they encounter and the products or services that help them (or might have helped them) overcome those challenges. We hope that this study will provide valuable insights that help us further develop and improve our products and services with regard to FAIR implementation. The Hyve conducts this survey on behalf of the FAIRplus consortium project. The results will be shared publicly.

The survey will take about 5-7 minutes.

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