Tackling the Clinical Data Challenges When Analyzing a Million Genomes

Population genetics and genomics is an emerging topic for the application of machine learning methods in healthcare and biomedical sciences. Currently, several large genomics initiatives, such as Genomics England, UK Biobank, the All of Us Project, and Europe's 1 Million Genomes Initiative are all in the process of making both clinical and genomics data available from large numbers of patients to benefit biomedical research. However, a key challenge in these initiatives is the standardization of the clinical and outcomes data in such a way that machine learning methods can be effectively trained to discover useful medical and scientific insights. In this talk, we will look at what data is available at scale, and review some of examples of the application of common data and evidence models such as OMOP, FHIR, GA4GH etc. in order to achieve this, based on projects which The Hyve has executed with some of these initiatives to harmonize their clinical, genomics, imaging and wearables data and make it FAIR.

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