The Hyve’s activities at OHDSI Symposium 2021

The 7th annual OHDSI Symposium will take place from 12-15 September 2021. This year it will be held virtually for the second straight year. The global four-day symposium will feature plenary talks, a state of the community presentation and collaborator showcase.

The Hyve has always been actively participating in the OHDSI symposium. This year, we will be presenting a talk on the results of the PIONEER study-a-thon and two posters about the UK biobank mapping and our work on the Data Quality Dashboard.


Long term outcomes of prostate cancer patients managed by watchful waiting: results from the PIONEER/EHDEN/OHDSI study-a-thon

Speaker: Kees van Bochove, Founder of The Hyve

In March 2021, a prostate cancer studyathon was organized by the PIONEER and EHDEN projects and the OHDSI community, and The Hyve played a leading role in getting this off the ground. During the past half year, several gigabytes of data have been generated analyzing the definitions from the studyathon in databases around the world. During this talk, a number of preliminary results but also new questions will be presented at the OHDSI symposium, and there will be opportunities to interact with the team to discuss and ask questions about the results and our experience!

Poster session: 19.00-21.00 Sep 14 & 9.00-13.00 Sep 15 (CEST, GMT+2)

Mapping UK Biobank to the OMOP CDM: challenges and solutions using the Delphyne ETL framework

This poster showcases how The Hyve supported University College London in mapping data from the UK Biobank (UKB) to the OMOP Common Data Model (CDM). UKB is a large-scale registry containing medical and genetic data from half a million participants from the UK general population. In mapping UKB to the OMOP CDM we faced several challenges due to the dataset’s size and heterogeneity, and to the lack of direct access to the data. The poster describes how we overcame these challenges using existing OHDI tools and Delphyne, a specialized ETL framework developed internally by The Hyve.

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Comparing Data Quality Dashboard results from two ETL iterations: three new utilities

The Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) has been widely used to evaluate the quality of an OMOP CDM data set resulting from an ETL (extract, transform, load) process. In practice, during the conversion to OMOP we perform several ETL iterations. However, interpreting the differences in quality is not always straightforward.

We developed three new utilities as part of mapping of the UK Biobank (UKB) data under the European Health Data Evidence Network (EHDEN) COVID19 rapid data partner call, and in collaboration with University College London. This poster will explain those three new utilities in more detail.

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The OHDSI Symposium 2021 has ended. We hope you enjoyed the experience!