OHDSI Data Engineers co-authors of UK Biobank COVID-19 Publication

The Hyve is delighted to share that our OHDSI specialists Alessia Peviani, Anne van Winzum, Sofia Bazakou, Stefan Payralbe, and Maxim Moinat, are co-authors of a publication on the UK Biobank (UKB), a biomedical database containing in-depth genetic and health data from half a million UK participants. Their paper titled "Transforming and evaluating the UK Biobank to the OMOP Common Data Model for COVID-19 research and beyond" has been published in the esteemed Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA).

The paper discusses how Common Data Models (CDM) are critical for enabling real-world data studies to be performed efficiently. The objective of this study was to convert the UK Biobank to the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) CDM. Read the full abstract of the paper here.

The study demonstrated that the OMOP CDM can be successfully leveraged to harmonize complex, large-scale biobanked studies combining rich multimodal phenotypic data. The transformed UK Biobank resource has proven valuable for enabling federated research, like COVID-19 studies.

Our Data Engineers supported University College London (UCL) scientists in mapping data from the UK Biobank to the OMOP Common Data Model. This collaboration between The Hyve and UCL was in the context of the IMI European Health Data Evidence Network (IMI EHDEN), a pre-competitive initiative around OMOP/OHDSI, including public and private partners in the field of real-world data. The Hyve is a leading OMOP/OHDSI services provider and tech leader in EHDEN.

The main goal of the collaboration between The Hyve and UCL was to make the UKB dataset available for research related to the COVID-19 pandemic by converting it to a standardized and widely adopted model for observational health data. The conversion process came with several challenges that called for custom solutions, including the in-house creation of a new extract, transform, load (ETL) development tool: Delphyne. Read more about this project on our Case Page: Mapping UK Biobank to the OMOP CDM using the flexible ETL framework Delphyne.

We are incredibly proud of the work done by our Data Engineers in the Real World Data team. Our OHDSI specialists also provide OMOP/OHDSI training and workshops and help pharmaceutical companies, academia, and healthcare institutions adopt open-source tools by teaching their IT experts and researchers how and why to leverage the OMOP/OHDSI ecosystem, map data to the OMOP CDM and analyze a wide range of real-world data. Get in touch with us if you need help harmonizing real-world data and/or generating evidence through large-scale analytics.