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What is a healthy diet? The claims about good food made by journalists, food bloggers and dieticians are often contradictory. It’s no wonder many people are at a loss as to what a balanced diet should look like. The Quisper platform wants to unlock the potential of dietary and lifestyle advice based on sound scientific research.

The aim of the Quisper platform is to collect scientific validated datasets created by food scientists at various institutions. The platform also contains knowledge rules: ready-made lifestyle advice. A knowledge rule might describe how the intestinal absorption of certain vitamins can be increased or what diet fits people that need to decrease their salt intake.

The combined research data allow third parties to develop, for example, websites and apps that help dieticians or supermarkets to provide their clients with scientifically accurate nutrition and lifestyle advice. Another opportunity is the development of apps that support individuals who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Background and context

QuaLiFY logoThe Quisper platform was originally an initiative of QuaLiFY, taken over by the EIT Food community, part of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology. The Hyve is tasked with the technical realisation of the platform.

eit food logoThe EIT Food consortium aims to deliver a digital platform as a supporting basis for creating and delivering personalised nutrition services in Europe based on a non-profit organisation with membership fees and payable query services to cover its operational costs.

Within the EIT Food 2018 project the task for The Hyve was to relaunch the Quisper Server Platform, which existed in a pre-beta version delivered in 2015 in the QuaLiFY project (EU FP7).


Project objectives

Together with EIT Food project management, we decided to migrate Quisper platform to Amazon API Gateway. The Hyve will deliver an extended beta-version of the Quisper Server Platform based on Amazon API Gateway that provides the following functionality:

  • Providers can connect a service
  • Clients can connect an app and make use of provider services
  • Current provider services are migrated to Amazon platform

Advantages of Amazon API Gateway:

  • Flexible and customizable setup.
  • Easy integration with user management, storage, and hosting.
  • On-demand pricing, which is very cheap in a start-up or low-usage setting.
  • Python, Javascript, and Java SDKs available for creating custom dashboards and sites.
  • Great visibility on the AWS Marketplace.
  • Easy modification of requests or responses made to an API, to support harmonization for non-standard web services.


Project results

In Q2 2018 the Quisper Server Platform is migrated from 3scale API gateway to Amazon API Gateway. The new platform allows service providers to present a service to be connected by the QSP maintainers and allows clients to connect an app and make use of provider services. The platform setup is shown schematically in the figure below.

Quisper Server Platform

Figure: schematic representation of the Quisper Server Platform

Three services have been connected to QSP: Dietary reference values, Food4me and EuroFIR-FoodTransport. The platform currently meets technology readiness level 4 (TRL4): Technology validated in lab.

In summary, the EIT Food 2018 deliverables were the following:

  • Quisper Server Platform running on Amazon API Gateway
  • Documentation for Service Providers:
    • QSP API Provider Guidelines
    • Webservice Request Form (to request service to be connected by the QSP maintainers)

At the moment we are running the EIT Food 2019 follow up that aim to:

  • Connect new webservices to the platform
    • eNUTRI app from University of Reading
    •  VICI app from myDNAHealth
  • Enable monetization and billing in the developer portal
    • Integrate at least one service
    • Provide documentation


See all use case or contact us for more details.