Download OHDSI Workshop Agenda

Download workshop agenda (PDF)

Download this draft workshop agenda to get an overview of the topics that are generally covered during the individual sessions, such as the OMOP Common Data Model, the OHDSI tool suite for analytics and data quality assessment, where to find learning and training resources, best practices and common challenges.

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Training and Workshop

The OHDSI stack is an open-source, modular solution adopted by organizations worldwide, allowing them to turn large scale real-world data resources into reliable and actionable real-world evidence. However, even with the vast range of high-quality educational resources provided by the OHDSI open-source community, the adoption process is not always straightforward.

Our workshops have trained 80+ participants from 12 European and US-based life science organizations that had decided to adopt the OMOP CDM and the OHDSI tool suite. We help bring various stakeholders within an organization to the same level of expertise and understanding of the multi-faceted OHDSI ecosystem.

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