Anika Bongaarts

Project Manager / Product Owner specialised in Open Targets , cBioPortal

Anika has a background in Biomedical Sciences and obtained her Ph.D. at Amsterdam UMC (UvA), where she investigated the molecular features of low-grade developmental brain tumors (using omics datasets). After her PhD, she continued her research as a postdoctoral researcher, focusing on single-cell data. Over the past years, Anika has built extensive experience managing projects and bridging the gap between data and biological sciences, focussing on target discovery. That's why Anika joined The Hyve in November 2023 as a Project Manager in the Open Targets team.
Off the clock, Anika enjoys the flora and fauna of the Edese heath during a nice walk with her kids and/or camera. At home, she enjoys gardening, crafting, or hugging her cat. According to Anika's husband, however, her primary hobby is spending money on frivolous things; they've agreed to disagree.

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