Bastiaan de Graaf

Software Engineer specialised in RADAR-base

Bastiaan has a Ph.D. in mass spectrometry (MS) based bioinformatics and a robust background in immunology. His thesis was supervised by Prof. Albert Heck and Dr. Richard Scheltema, and focussed on developing data analysis tools for interpreting a variety of different MS-based proteomic data, such as top down-, bottom up- and crosslinking-MS. Applications ranged from antibody profiling to map the IgG1 landscape in individual patients to structural modeling of proteins based on measured distance restraints.

With a passion for software engineering and a knack for developing tools and algorithms, Bastiaan enjoys bridging the gap between computational and biological domains by ensuring effective interpretation of scientific results through effective tooling. He is passionate about healthy living both in- and outside of work and finds working on biological data is a great way to bring the two together. Outside of work he likes to spend time outdoors climbing, windsurfing or enjoying a barbeque with friends.

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