Eelke van der Horst

Semantic Modeling Expert specialised in Research Data Management

Eelke has a MSc in bio-pharmaceutical sciences and a PhD in medicinal chemistry and cheminformatics. During his PhD, he applied data mining and machine learning techniques, such as graph mining, to discover new drugs. Part of this work consisted of finding and integrating heterogeneous biomedical data sources, and this sparked his interest in semantic web and linked data technologies. As a postdoctoral researcher, he applied these technologies to rare diseases research, for instance for publishing patient registries as linked data, or for gaining new insights by integrating rare disease omics data with other interesting sources, such as pathway or activity data. In addition, Eelke has several years of experience as a software developer, building applications for semantic modelling and linked-data publishing. At the Hyve, Eelke works as a semantic modelling expert and data engineer as part of the biomedical data services group.

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