Guus Wilmink

Data Engineer specialised in OHDSI

Guus is enthusiastic about data and particularly passionate about using it to improve human health. With a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and an MSc in Systems Biology from Maastricht University, he's gathered a broad set of biological and experimental knowledge along with statistical and analytical skills. In September 2023, Guus joined The Hyve as a data engineer operating on the OHDSI platform.In his free time, Guus enjoys gourmet cooking and trying out recipes from all over the world. He also loves the outdoors, where you can find him hiking, running, skating, or cycling around wherever he is. He also thoroughly enjoys `hacking` his own health by personalizing his nutrition, employing various breathing exercises, cold exposure, and many other actions. He loves learning new things, taking up new interests regularly with a lot of excitement.