Create better
Real World Evidence
with the OMOP/OHDSI ecosystem

Evidence from Real World Data, both at patient and population level can inform clinical decision making and lead to significantly reduced risks and better outcomes.

Data standardization 
the key to federated analysis

The increasing amount of Real World Data, which is routinely collected by hospitals and GPs, along with insurance claims and data from national registries, constitute an invaluable resource for evidence based medicine and drug development. Great opportunities go hand in hand with great data integration challenges which need to be solved to better understand population health, to practice value-based healthcare, and to directly improve clinical decision making for individual patients through personalized medicine.

Too often researchers need to interpret very large and extremely heterogeneous data stored in databases with custom design and purpose and too often standards are bound to a software lifecycle and the rise and fall of these is connected to the success or will of a specific IT vendor.

Two essential requirements to unlock the immense potential of those data sources for research and clinical practice are data harmonization and large-scale analytics.

  • Data harmonization of tb and pb-scale data sets from multiple sources can be challenging and expensive and requires a deep understanding of the common data model, domain relevant ontologies and extensive knowledge of microservices
  • The large-scale analytic tools need to be closely aligned with the common data model, provide a clear and user-friendly interface and a wide range of analysis functionalities. This supports the research community to apply best practice methodology that produce reproducible analysis.

How OHDSI Works

The OHDSI ecosystem includes the OMOP CDM and the OHDSI toolkit, a highly standardized common data model and an open-source stack for large-scale statistical analysis. We help you to leverage the CDM to standardize data from multiple sources such as EHRs, claims, registry data, lab tests, surveys and data from mobile devices. Harmonized data in the OMOP CDM forms the source for patient- and population level data analysis.

Our Commercial Services

We help organisations adopting the OMOP/OHDSI ecosystem and we offer a modular package of services including CDM assessment, gap analysis, implementation, integration, customization, data mapping and conversion.
Customers can identify their organisation-specific level of OMOP/OHDSI expertise and either select an individual service that fits the organisation's current needs or start with a consultation and continue step-by-step to the full adoption of the ecosystem.

  • Exploration and gap analysis

We bring all stakeholders (from execs to users) to a shared understanding of the value the OMOP/OHDSI ecosystem will add to their organisation. We create insight in how to measure and improve health and business outcomes.

  • Analysis of current use of Real World Data in your organization (models and tooling)
  • Data Model Selection and Best Practices: expert advice on how to leverage OMOP CDM and OHDSI tool suite and relation with other standards such as FHIR
    • Feasibility study of adapting OHDSI/OMOP suite to your needs
    • Hands-on / on-site workshops
    • CDM Assessment, selection and integration with other industry standards
  • Plan > Build > Run PoC

  • Implementation & Integration

We deploy the full OHDSI toolsuite and configure the stack to custom fit your organization's set up. We can extend functionalities of the OHDSI tools to optimally support your analysis needs.

  • Deploy on public or private cloud and integrate with existing infrastructure
  • Integrate with existing Information Systems for authentication and authorization or analytics
  • Tool customization through feature extensions or creation of new capabilities, such as tailored dashboards
  • Conformance and harmonization with datasets leveraging different standards, and implementation of the FAIR principles by leveraging OMOP and OHDSI

  • Data Mapping Services

We convert source data to the OMOP CDM. Customers can choose the degree of involvement in this process. Our services include a wide range of hands-on training and workshops for organisations that want to take up OMOP conversion processes as well as automated OMOP conversions as a service for which the involvement of the customer is minimal.

  • OMOP conversion as a Service
    • Custom ETL pipeline development
    • CDM customization through extensions
    • Data quality control and validation
  • Enablement for your organization through hand-on trainings and workshops
    • Data profiling and creation of mapping
    • Document with semantic and syntactic mapping, and guiding use cases
    • Creation of efficient and fast ETL pipelines

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MappingEHR & claims data 

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