A FAIR and flexible data management platform

Fairspace is a FAIR by Design solution that The Hyve developed. It is an open-source research data management platform that adheres to FAIR principles. It offers a collaborative environment to manage any type of research data and serves additionally as a metadata repository.

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Who would benefit from Fairspace?

  • Researchers that have trouble finding related data from studies, collections, projects and datasets

  • Researchers that need help to organize their data and do not have an overview of all data

  • Researchers who cannot access data easily because it is stored in different data systems

  • Data managers who want to share data using a system that supports convenient and secure data sharing across different groups, labs, or departments

  • Organisations who store data in ad-hoc storages where appropriate access control or auditing are not ensured

What goals can be achieved?

  • Collaborations between multiple research groups, departments and institutions

  • Save researchers time and resources

  • Improve scalability by using a flexible data model

  • Solve research data fragmentation

  • Secure data

Key features

  • Custom Metadata Model - Fairspace metadata model (defined in RDF) is flexible and can be customized to fit a wide range of data types
  • Secure File Storage - Fairspace enables secure storage and organization of research datasets
  • Intuitive Search and Browse - The semantic metadata store gives a clear overview of all data assets and the user interface allows users to run complex queries with just a few mouse clicks
  • Easy Annotation - Data sets can be annotated and assigned a persistent identifier (PID) to create a semantic metadata store that contains information on all linked data sources and metadata
  • Configurable Components - Existing key features can be adapted per use case and new features added
  • Integrated Analysis Environment - Integration with JupyterHub allows for flexible analysis, query opportunities and automated addition of metadata to pipeline results

Use cases

The Hyve created Fairspace in 2018 and has customized the platform for the following organizations:

Institut Curie, a cancer research hospital in Paris where it serves as a metadata catalog that enables researchers to collaboratively share research data at the institute level.

Food Nutrition Security Cloud (FNS-Cloud), a consortium where it became the metadata browser that allows microbiome and food data exploration within public resources.

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Services we offer

Business Analysis (Mandatory for Fairspace customization)

Our business consultants will work with you to create an in-depth analysis on how to get from the current state of affairs regarding research data management to the desired one. The analysis will uncover your business requirements and identify what would be the best solution using Fairspace. Read more.

Adapting Fairspace to your use case

Our experts can adapt and extend Fairspace to fit your specific situation and business needs.

Data loading

We ensure that you can use and integrate both internal datasets and any publicly available datasets.


Fairspace can connect to existing systems in your organization, whether running in the Cloud or on-premise.


We can instruct both researchers and data engineers in your organization on how to make the best use of the Fairspace platform and metadata model.

Let’s start collaborating

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Fairspace platform recognized as a key innovation by European Commission

The Hyve has been identified as a key innovator based on our work in designing and developing the open-source platform Fairspace within FNS-Cloud, a project funded by the European Commission.

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