What is bioinformatic/IT consultancy?

In the broadest way possible, IT consultancy implies advising organizations/stakeholders on how to best build IT infrastructure or optimize their current solution to achieve their business goals. In other words, when you are not sure which solution would fit the needs for your research question/scientific problem, or you have a few solutions in mind and do not know which one to choose, (bio) IT consultants will use their knowledge in the field and experience with relevant solutions to find the one most suitable for you. In this context ‘most suitable for you’ includes:

  • Primarily, finding the most advanced, up-to-date and well fitting solution in the pool of available options.
  • Assessing how well the solution answers your actual question/solves your problem.
  • Taking your current IT infrastructure into account, considering how easy it will be to integrate the new solution with the current structure.
  • Estimating how easy it will be for you or your IT department to provide support and maintenance.

In the modern world, IT consultancy is not limited to advice on tools/exact solutions anymore. You might need educated suggestions on the choice of the platform for your IT infrastructure, on the optimal way to add new functionality to the existent solutions or even programming language optimally suited for your goal. A good IT consultant can help you with both looking at the full picture (e.g., of your IT infrastructure) and evaluating and optimizing individual modules/parts of the solution.

Why is consultancy important?

Without an extensive knowledge in (bio) informatics and a computer science background, it is becoming more and more comprehensive to keep up with the development of technical solutions and the wide range of options and possibilities for almost any task. You need (bio) IT consultancy to efficiently guide you towards the solution for your problem through the dense forest of modern IT inventions. Without a technical background you might sometimes miss certain aspects which are key in IT, such as the amount of storage space you need to efficiently run the tool, the level of security the system provides and whether this security meets the requirements and regulations, and many more.


How The Hyve helps

At The Hyve, we work in a team of data scientists, software engineers and solutions architects with strong background in biology and bioinformatics. Both our education and experience make us valuable for you as (bio) IT consultants on either a full, fresh from-scratch IT architecture that fits your company needs, or optimizing your current IT platform and improving, enhancing and modernizing single solutions. The Hyve has a lot of experience with providing IT consultancy services both within one company and spread out over several institutions.

As a company focusing on open source software, we also offer services of consulting on your existing in house software, with finding ways to best integrate it with existing open source solutions and improve your own source code. We can also help you to prepare your code for open source collaboration.

Please contact us if you need any advice or consultancy about your (bio) IT solutions, or if you would like us to share our experience of working in the open source world with you.