The Hyve participates in several scientific collaboration projects as an IT partner/provider. One of our core focus areas is the requirements analysis in a scientific research context. This differs from regular IT requirements analysis in several aspects:

  • In order to relate to the scientific content of the data integration and visualization techniques, extensive domain expertise is needed, including knowledge of many data formats, standards and open source tools.
  • Also, the research nature means that measurement techniques vary rapidly in terms of processing algorithms, data size etc. (e.g. sequencing.)
  • Finally, requirements change rapidly as research evolves, and the only way to keep up from an IT perspective is to weave agility into the processes and frameworks used to build and maintain the infrastructure.

The Hyve has a unique business analytics methodology that is optimized for data integration problems in life science research, and encompasses all of the above-mentioned facets. It has been tested and tried in several IMI consortia, FP7 projects, and in many specific customer cases.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you formulate the requirements for your bioinformatics project.