Software development is at the heart of most of our activities. We specialize in developing software for data intensive biology research (both fundamental and clinical research). Typical projects are:

  • Implementation of new functionality in existing open source software projects.
  • Integration of open source components with existing software stacks.
  • Customization and branding of open source components for private or in-house use.

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We have extensive knowledge of programming languages including:

  • Java
  • Groovy
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Prolog
  • Python
  • Perl

Web frameworks such as:

  • Grails
  • Django
  • PHP Zend

For data backend, we have worked with:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • Hadoop HBase
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL


A few open source frameworks have made it to internal company standards:

  • Grails for web programming
  • PostgreSQL and MongoDB for databases
  • R and Hadoop for statistics and computation
  • OpenGL and D3.js for visualization
  • OpenStack for cloud provisioning
  • Puppet for deployment automation
  • Git for source code version control


Our projects are mainly around data information systems in a scientific research context, in which data confidentiality and security on all levels of the system is of great importance. Internally, we use the agile Scrum development methodology to ensure that we deliver on time and that customer wishes and prioritization is constantly driving the development. We also have many connections to the international open source bioinformatics and translational research community.



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