Identification, Validation and Prioritization of drug targets


The Open Targets consortium is a public-private partnership, consisting of GSK, Biogen, Takeda, Celgene, the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI). The goal is systematic drug target identification and prioritization by combining data from a variety of sources.


The Open Targets Platform is a web application that provides an interface to the association data that has been aggregated. It allows the user to query on a gene to find all diseases associated with it, or on the disease to find all genes associated with it.

The data is presented in a intuitive and visually pleasing overview, but the user can also drill down to individual evidence items that support the association. Target-disease associations are very useful in drug discovery and repurposing.

Screenshot Open Targets platform

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The Hyve supports clients in the installation, customization and maintenance of the Open Targets Platform. Some examples of Open Targets projects that The Hyve have been working on can be found here

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