A disease and device agnostic platform enabling observational studies


RADAR-base logoRADAR-base is an award-winning end-to-end solution to collect, manage and store sensor data from smartphones and wearable devices to enable remote monitoring of study participants and decentralized clinical trials. The platform supports multiple devices and can be used for a range of disease areas, as its modular plugin-based architecture allows for simple and fast extension and customization

A set of apps allow the user to select and specify relevant data streams (e.g. passive data collection from sensors or active data collection through questionnaires and PRO forms). The platform’s distributed data streaming features allow for simultaneous processing of huge volumes of raw sensor data, while continuous data monitoring minimizes the risk of data loss. RADAR-base provides a dual data storage system, enabling both secure access to highly granular data for the development of complex prediction algorithms and to configurable aggregated data for fast and interactive visualization.

The entire stack is built on open source software and it is published under the Apache License Version 2.0. The RADAR-base platform was developed in the framework of the IMI2 RADAR-CNS project.

Illustrative figure of RADAR-base workflow



Our services for RADAR-base

The Hyve is a core contributor of the RADAR-base platform development. Our RADAR-base expert team supports organizations with services related to data collection and real time streaming of complex, high frequency data to help identify medical relevant signals and to develop and validate new digital biomarkers.



Our experience enables us to provide detailed and customized advice at all stages of a remote clinical study. The Hyve can advise you on:

  • Device selection and device integration to answer your research questions
  • User interface design, app layout, and workflows to enhance participant compliance
  • Secure data transfer protocols and compliance to privacy regulations
  • Data management, optimal data formats, and data collection configurations
  • Platform validation in your research environment
  • Integration and harmonization of data streams


Software Development

The Hyve’s software engineers are part of the RADAR-base core developers team and key contributors to the fast-growing RADAR-base open source community. Our in-depth understanding of the platform’s components and functionality enables us to:

  • Customize existing components to your specific requirements
  • Integrate additional devices (consumer/medical grade; via API, SDK, or Bluetooth protocols)
  • Configure data output
  • Develop new visualizations
  • Connect the platform to your existing research environment


Deployment, Hosting and Maintenance

The Hyve has used the RADAR-base platform in different customer environments, which enables us provide organizations with the the following services:

  • Deployment automation through docker containers
  • Application hosting ranging from on-premise servers to private/public cloud
  • Integration of RADAR-base in existing IT infrastructure
  • Continuous monitoring of research environment and selected applications
  • Support and Issue resolving


If you are interested in setting up a proof-of-concept study to evaluate the platform’s core components and basic functionality or if you are planning a full study with customized design, extensions and integrations, and could use our support services, please get in touch with The Hyve’s RADAR-base expert team via radar-base@thehyve.nl or fill in this Contact form.

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