The Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (or OHDSI, pronounced “Odyssey”) program is an open source community focused on bringing out the value of observational health data through large-scale analytics. The OHDSI collaborative is building upon the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) and uses the OMOP Common Data Model (OMOP CDM).

The OHDSI research community enables active engagement across multiple disciplines (e.g., clinical medicine, biostatistics, computer science, epidemiology, life sciences) and spans multiple stakeholder groups (e.g., researchers, patients, providers, payers, product manufacturers, regulators). All our solutions are open-source. If you wish to explore the possibilities of OHDSI, please feel free to take a look at our ATLAS demo instance (official).

The Hyve is active in the OHDSI community and offers both data services as well as technical support and software engineering services for using and extending the OHDSI tools. We can start your OHDSI journey by building an ETL pipeline to transform your data to the OMOP CDM. We offer support in setting up a local OMOP CDM database, mapping source concepts to the OMOP standard vocabulary and the final transformation the data.

If you are interested in using OHDSI tools for exploration, analysis or visualization of your observational data, please contact us to see how we can help you.



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