Open source solutions

We serve only the best bioinformatic solutions. Leveraging cutting edge development from the entire scientific community, we select  the open source solutions that fit your needs.

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Meet The Hyve

Get to know our services and philosophy from those who work with us and our own CEO Kees van Bochove.

Share, reuse and specialize

We believe that sharing what we do and what we create will ultimately yield more benefits than keeping everything for ourselves. 

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We can help you with that

We can help you along the entire bioinformatic path. From requirements analysis, consultancy and data curation all the way to software engineering and cloud hosting.

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We deliver open source solutions for bioinformatics. Read our cases to see how we are doing this right now with our current partners and projects.

  • IMI Translocation

    IMI Translocation

    In the Translocation project, one of the tasks of The Hyve is the creation of an Information Centre that would gather data from all ND4BB projects.

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  • Quantify Life – Feed Yourself (QuaLiFY)

    Quantify Life – Feed Yourself (QuaLiFY)

    The QuaLiFY  project is an EU-funded project that aims to create a platform that provides information and services in the field of personalized dietary advices.  QuaLiFY is an interesting, innovative and challenging project. 

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  • CTMM TraIT

    CTMM TraIT

    Within TraIT we develop a sustainable infrastructure for CTMM’s twenty-one disease area focused research projects.

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  • Metabolomics Centre

    Metabolomics Centre

    The Netherlands Metabolomics Centre brings together the vast knowledge and extensive expertise of the Dutch genomics and life sciences community.

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    The European Medical Information Framework project aims to develop a common information framework of patient-level.

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    eTRIKS is an IMI project supporting other IMI projects in their efforts to develop data and knowledge management solutions.

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Open Source Solutions

Examples of open source solutions we can deploy, improve and maintain.

  • OBiBa

    OBiBa is an international software development project committed to building a full suite of open source software for biobanks.

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  • Cytoscape

    Cytoscape is an open source bioinformatics software platform for visualizing molecular interaction networks and integrating these interactions.

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  • Phenotype Database

    The Phenotype Database helps biologists to interpret the results of biology studies. 

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  • PathVisio

    PathVisio is a tool for displaying and editing biological pathways. By linking biological entities (genes or proteins) in your pathways, using database identifiers

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  • OpenClinica

    OpenClinica is open source clinical trial software used for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and clinical data management. 

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  • TranSMART

    TranSMART is a knowledge management platform that enables scientists to develop and refine research hypotheses by investigating correlations between genetic and phenotypic data.

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  • Galaxy

    Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. Whether on this free public server or your own instance, you can perform, reproduce, and share complete analyses.

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Kees van Bochove

Kees studied Computer Science and Bioinformatics, for which he did his research project on lipoprotein metabolism at TNO Quality of Life in The Netherlands and the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, Boston. Through his many years of experience in open source software and standards development in bioinformatics, Kees has gained a deep understanding of all aspects of collaborative open source development. He founded The Hyve to facilitate open source software development in bioinformatics and clinical research.

Harry van Haaften

CFO at The Hyve B.V.

Robert Horlings

Robert has a MSc degree in Computer Science from Delft University of Technology. He has several years of experience in software development and architecture with different tools and environments. In addition to his work in other fields, Robert has done many projects in the field of bioinformatics. 

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Peter Kok

Peter studied Computer Science at the TU Delft. His graduation project was a collaboration with the image processing department at the Leiden University Medical Center (LKEB) on multi-modality registration, fusion and visualization of bioluminescence imaging data. After his graduation, he started developing software on a freelance basis, doing various types of projects ranging from mobile app development to projects in medical visualization. From 2008, he worked as a PhD-student at the TU Delft on the topic of integrative visualization for whole body molecular imaging data. Again, this was a collaboration with the LKEB at the LUMC.

His interests are in the fields of computer graphics, scientific and information visualization, software architectures, information systems, digital longevity, pattern recognition and machine learning and the application of these in life sciences.

Jan Kanis

Tim Dorscheidt

Tim has a Bachelor degree in Artificial Intelligence and a Master degree in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Tim has many years of experience working with large data sets in the life sciences, either from his own work in evolutionary biology, or helping scientists in the fields of metabolomics and proteomics by improving their analysis tools and data handling solutions. This work has involved many languages, tools and environments, but his main focus within The Hyve is to leverage the power of R, a community driven statistical programming language.

Carlos Silva

Carlos studied Computer Science at Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa. He became a Java developer and for more than 15 years (both in Portugal and Netherlands) he worked in more than 25 distinct projects. The areas include distinct areas like Telco, Finance, Tax Office, Health Insurance, E-Commerce.
Mostly a server side developer, with strong software design skills and drive for automation and constant improvement of tools and processes.
Team leading and coaching of fellow colleagues were also part of regular duties. He is a team player that believes in Agile methodologies to bring the best of every element. Besides a strong knowledge of Java, he also has some knowledge in Groovy and a passion for Scala.

Marcel van der Kuil

Marcel has a MSc degree in Informatics. Marcel has a passion for innovation and data-driven software development. Marcel has a background in consulting, in the Teleco- and Finance industry. On the one hand, his role is all about delivering solutions and services according to requirements and expectations of the client. On the other hand, his role is also about transforming all the work into activities that are both challenging and fun to do for the team of The Hyve.

Seth Snel

Seth is an enterprising person and eager to learn along the way. Although Seth is still working on finishing his bachelor in Informatics, he already proved to be a valuable programmer for the company. His main responsibilities are identifying software requirements and the technical implementation of those requirements. He is currently working on the Phenotype Database.

Rianne Jansen

Rianne has a Bachelor degree in Biology and a Master degree in Biomedical sciences.  During her studies she focussed on molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics and developmental biology. Additionally, she followed several mathematics and computer sciences courses to further develop her mathematical and programming skills. She did her master research project in the field of bioinformatics. During this project she explored the relationship between gene expression patterns and quantitive phenotypes in baker’s yeast.

Ward Weistra

Ward obtained a Bachelor degree in Biology and subsequently a Master degree in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences, with a strong focus on Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics.

At The Hyve, Ward is responsible for managing delivery for several major clients. His double background in Biology and Computer Science allows him to act as a go between client needs and development requirements, and understand all functional and technical aspects of project delivery.

Jojanneke Blaak

Jojanneke has a bachelor in Management, Economics and Law. She is involved as office manager and responsible for all kind of non-programming and non-data issues. Finance, purchasing and the organization of meetings and trips are some of her tasks. She immediately revealed her hands-on mentality during the move of the office to a new location. All sorts of stuff is being taken care off by Jojanneke, relieving the precious workload of collegues. Whether it is coffee you are after, a new mouse pad or a good personal talk, Jojanneke provides in advance.

Pieter Lukasse

Pieter has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science (Brazil) and a MSc degree in Bioinformatics (Netherlands). Pieter has been working with software development for quite a while and has extensive experience in programming (in various languages), software engineering, and working as a software consultant for systems integration projects. Pieter has extensive experience working with distributed international development teams, collaborating with colleagues abroad many times (UK, India, Brazil).

Jochem Bijlard

Jochem studied Biomedical Sciences and Bioinformatics. He has done research projects in the field of computational systems biology and molecular dynamics computer simulations. He started at The Hyve as an intern to finish his master’s degree. Here he focuses on collecting technical requirements for the integration of different molecular data types (e.g. from genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics) in the context of data warehousing infrastructure.

Ruslan Forostianov

Ruslan received his bachelor degree Computer Science and master’s in Software Development at Cherkasy State Technological University, Ukraine. He has been working as software engineer for several years. His main experiences with technologies are in Oracle, MySQL, Hibernate, Spring, Lucene, SOLR, JDBC, Struts, Java Excel API, JavaMail API, JSTL, JMX, JQuery, BlackBerry API, Servlets, Midlets.

Diego Werba

Diego studied Computer Science at Universidad de Buenos Aires, and he has more than 20 years of international experience in several industries in Argentina and Spain. Worked previously in companies like Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Indra, and he acquired several certifications from Adobe, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. His passion for technology started when he has 9 years old, when his parents bought a new PC8086. Instantly researching became his hobby. At 12 years, he already knew DOS, assembly, pascal, and was creating software and giving IT service to local companies. Today the same passion continues, helping him to provide technical leadership and direction to create and enhance solutions. He can mentor teams, optimise performances, and create the infrastructure to improve his work, helping him finish before deadlines.

Janneke Schoots

Janneke has a bachelor in Biomedical Science, and MSc degree in Public Health at VU Amsterdam. Janneke has extensive experience in data modeling and ontologies.

At The Hyve, she is responsible for translating user wishes into specific requirements, keeping track of priorities during the development process, writing user manuals and training of user groups. With her Public Health background she is able to dive into all kinds of clinical data, and contribute by thinking from an end-user perspective.

Marinel Cavelaars

Marinel has a MSc degree in Health Sciences, specialization Biophysics and received a PhD degree on a Clinical Study that involved Medical Informatics and Biophysics. Marinel feels comfortable in the area where clinic, science and technology meet and strives to contribute to the development of new technologies that improve patient outcome or  population health. At The Hyve, Marinel is managing a project in which an IT infrastructure is being deployed that supports clinical research processes. She has gained experience in determining and prioritizing user needs and wishes, translating these into IT solutions, deploying the solutions, supporting the users and complying with applicable standards and regulations.

Riza Nugraha

Riza has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Bogor Agricultural University Indonesia. He has a technical background in Java programming and developed himself more into user interface and front-end area. He is technically skilled in J2EE, MVC frameworks, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and Oracle database. He has been working on many IT project in different scales from research institutions to an international IT consultant.

Wim Spee

Wim has a bachelor degree in Bio-Informatics for which he did his research project on the denovo assembly of complex plant genomes at KeyGene N.V. Thereafter he worked as Netherlands Bio-informatics Centre (NBIC) funded and trained Data Analyst / Java Programmer at leading Academic Proteomics and Genomics research groups; Heck Lab at University Utrecht and Cuppen Group at the Hubrecht Institute. Trough the training from NBIC and exciting projects and training at the research groups he gained a high level of domain knowledge of both Proteomics and Genomics research combined with extensive experience in biological data analysis and software development. He is used to people asking him difficult biological data analysis questions and getting answers to these questions. To balance the indoors with the outdoors he enjoys rock climbing other outdoor sports activities.

Gustavo Lopes

Gustavo studied Biomedical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal, with courses in Computer Science and Bioinformatics. He has ample experience working with web applications (all the tiers), with both PHP and Java and using MVC frameworks. He also has experience with development of open source software, having contributed to the PHP runtime for some years now. This includes not just code, but discussion in the mailing list and IRC, as well as documentation.

Erik van Eeuwijk

Erik has a Master degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Utrecht. In his studies he focused on the workings of organizations and teams and on ways to make them more effective. This background proved to be of great value within ICT projects. During the past several years, Erik has led various ICT projects from various roles using different project methodologies. He enjoys being at the center of communication between the end-users and the technicians, translating customer wishes into designs, providing training for end-users, mobilizing teams and improving upon the project processes and methodologies.