Open source solutions

We serve only the best bioinformatic solutions. Leveraging cutting edge development from the entire scientific community, we select  the open source solutions that fit your needs.

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Meet The Hyve

Get to know our services and philosophy from those who work with us and our own CEO Kees van Bochove.

Share, reuse and specialize

We believe that sharing what we do and what we create will ultimately yield more benefits than keeping everything for ourselves. 

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We can help you with that

We can help you along the entire bioinformatic path. From requirements analysis, consultancy and data curation all the way to software engineering and cloud hosting.

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We deliver open source solutions for bioinformatics. Read our cases to see how we are doing this right now with our current partners and projects.


    Project RADAR-CNS is a research programme by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) with a focus on new ways to monitor and treat brain disorders.

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  • IMI Translocation

    IMI Translocation

    In the Translocation project, one of the tasks of The Hyve is the creation of an Information Centre that would gather data from all ND4BB projects.

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  • Quantify Life – Feed Yourself (QuaLiFY)

    Quantify Life – Feed Yourself (QuaLiFY)

    The QuaLiFY  project is an EU-funded project that aims to create a platform that provides information and services in the field of personalized dietary advices.  QuaLiFY is an interesting, innovative and challenging project. 

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  • CTMM TraIT

    CTMM TraIT

    Within TraIT we develop a sustainable infrastructure for CTMM’s twenty-one disease area focused research projects.

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  • Metabolomics Centre

    Metabolomics Centre

    The Netherlands Metabolomics Centre brings together the vast knowledge and extensive expertise of the Dutch genomics and life sciences community.

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    The European Medical Information Framework project aims to develop a common information framework of patient-level.

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    eTRIKS is an IMI project supporting other IMI projects in their efforts to develop data and knowledge management solutions.

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Open Source Solutions

Examples of open source solutions we can deploy, improve and maintain.

    The Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (or OHDSI, pronounced “Odyssey”) program is an open source community focused on bringing out the value of observational health data through large-scale analytics.

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  • cBioPortal

    If you have data you would like to visualize in a friendly interface highly insightful for, but not limited to, Oncology researchers and physicians, please contact us to see how we can help you.

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  • TranSMART

    TranSMART is a knowledge management platform that enables scientists to develop and refine research hypotheses by investigating correlations between genetic and phenotypic data.

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  • ADAM / Spark

    Currently, Big Data is one of the hottest topics in computer science, due to the rapid increase of the amount of data we, as a society, produce and store. The driving force behind this increase is a dramatic drop in the costs of collecting and storing this data.

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  • OBiBa

    OBiBa is an international software development project committed to building a full suite of open source software for biobanks.

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  • Cytoscape

    Cytoscape is an open source bioinformatics software platform for visualizing molecular interaction networks and integrating these interactions.

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  • Phenotype Database

    The Phenotype Database helps biologists to interpret the results of biology studies. 

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  • OpenClinica

    OpenClinica is open source clinical trial software used for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and clinical data management.

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  • Galaxy

    Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. Whether on this free public server or your own instance, you can perform, reproduce, and share complete analyses.

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The Hyve: supporting scientists with open source software

The Hyve is a young, innovative and fast growing company with a mix of software engineers, bioinformaticians and data scientists. We are dedicated to support scientists in life science and healthcare R&D with open source software, open data and open standards.

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