Bridging Clinical and Genomic Knowledge: An Extension of the SPHN RDF Schema for Seamless Integration and FAIRification of Omics Data

Our experts, Eelke van der Horst, Femke Kopmels, Elisa Cirillo, and Wouter Franke co-wrote in collaboration with Deepak Unni, Jan Armida, Vasundra Touré, Katrin Crameri, and Sabine Österle from SIB (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics) a scientific article around genomics extension of the SPHN RDF Schema, which can be used to semantically describe genomics experiments and covers both clinical and research domains.

The schema centers around the general omics process flow, with concepts denoting individual steps, such as sample processing, assay, and data processing. This extension will be used to FAIRify data produced within the Swiss network and to facilitate sharing this data as one knowledge graph for reuse among its participants.

This project was funded by SIB as contribution to the SPHN dataset in the SPHN Semantic Interoperability Framework. Read more here.

If you want to learn more, we invite you to download the full article here.

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Fairspace is a FAIR by Design solution that The Hyve developed. It is an open-source research data management platform that adheres to FAIR principles. It offers a collaborative environment to manage any type of research data and serves additionally as a metadata repository.

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