Reflecting on FoG 2024: An Unparalleled Firsthand Experience

The Festival of Genomics in London was a comprehensive and dynamic event that brought together leading experts, researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts from the genomics field. The festival served as a platform for showcasing the latest advancements, innovations, and breakthroughs in genomics research, technology, and applications.

The Hyve made its inaugural post-pandemic appearance at the Festival of Genomics 2024 in London, marking a significant milestone for the company. Our presence was marked by a bustling booth where we engaged in lively conversations, distributed many goodies, and forged connections with potential clients.

An extensive exhibition featured leading companies, organizations, and startups showcasing their products, services, and technologies in genomics, including sequencing platforms, bioinformatics tools, diagnostic solutions, and genomic data analytics.

Researchers and scientists presented their latest findings and research projects, covering a wide range of topics such as genome sequencing, precision medicine, genetic disorders, and personalized therapies.

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, seminars, and panel discussions covering diverse areas of genomics, including bioethics, data privacy, regulatory frameworks, and emerging trends in genomic medicine.

In general, the festival provided a vibrant networking environment for attendees to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas with peers, experts, and industry professionals, fostering partnerships and collaborations across different sectors of the genomics community.

The Hyve Key highlights of the Festival of Genomics 2024

Engaging in conversations with fellow attendees from diverse backgrounds offered us a unique perspective on the multifaceted nature of genomics and target discovery. Whether chatting with researchers pushing the boundaries of genomic technology or clinicians implementing genomic-guided therapies in their practice, we were inspired by the collective passion and dedication driving progress in the field. We look forward to collaborating with the inspiring people we have encountered and working together to enhance the fields of genomics & target discovery.

Two The Hyve members who attended the Festival of Genomics shared their unique perspectives on their experience during the conference days. Robin, from the Genomics and Target Discovery team and Open Targets specialist, was particularly excited about sessions that focused on AI and machine learning. In particular, I enjoyed the talk titled “Chatting with My Data: LLMs to Biodata.” The talk shed light on the use of the tools and techniques that can be used to harness the power of LLMs in the field of biodata and genomics.

Jessica, also from the Genomics and Target Discovery team, found the talks on single-cell analysis at the Festival of Genomics 2024 particularly captivating. Chris Rand delved into single-cell omics data and analytics for oncology R&D at AstraZeneca, offering valuable insights. Sophia Wild from Novartis discussed empowering Drug Discovery at the single-cell resolution, showcasing innovative approaches as well. The closing keynote by Louis Theroux, though unexpected at a genomics conference, left a profound impact. Theroux eloquently summarized the human condition and genetics, drawing from his experiences interviewing diverse individuals worldwide. He highlighted humanity's resilience in the face of adversity, resonating deeply with Jessica and encapsulating the conference's essence, leaving her inspired by genomics' potential to transform lives globally.


The Festival of Genomics 2024 in London stood out as a premier platform for driving forward the advancements and applications of genomic science, fostering knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation for the betterment of humanity.

Attending the Festival of Genomics in person provided an array of benefits. It allowed us to engage with leading experts directly, interact with cutting-edge technologies, and network with peers and industry professionals within a dynamic and immersive environment. Furthermore, being physically present at the event facilitated valuable face-to-face discussions, collaboration opportunities, and the acquisition of insights and inspiration that might not be fully captured through remote participation.

The Hyve extends heartfelt gratitude to the organizers of the Festival of Genomics and expresses appreciation to all attendees who visited our booth to learn more about how The Hyve enables open science. We're already eagerly anticipating next year's Festival of Genomics and look forward to reconnecting with our wonderful audience in London once again in 2025.

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