FAIR metadata repository for the PANCAIM consortium

PANCAIM (pancreatic cancer AI for genomics and personalized medicine) is a European consortium aiming to improve pancreatic cancer treatment and outcomes with artificial intelligence (AI) by optimizing and integrating genomics and medical imaging data.

The challenge

The PANCAIM mission is to improve clinical decision-making by exploiting all available genomics and clinical data to enable personalized medicine for patients with pancreatic cancer. PANCAIM’s concept is unique in that it integrates the whole spectrum of genomics, radiomics and pathomics ⎼ the three future pillars of personalized medicine.

The integration of these three modalities is not only challenging in the clinic but also with regard to AI because of the many requirements, both technical and non-technical, that need to be met. Data quantity and quality are the main factors for successful AI application. Therefore, it is crucial to have a sustainable repository with metadata annotation to ensure interoperability and compliance with the FAIR data principles.

Our solution

Over the next few years, the main task of The Hyve will be to support the PANCAIM consortium by standardization of clinical data into a common data model and by developing a FAIR research platform.

Four key sectors of AI in healthcare contribute to the PANCAIM consortium to connect to data and bring AI to healthcare: data providers, clinical specialists, AI developers, and medtech companies. The PANCAIM partners provide eleven Pan-European repositories containing almost 6000 patients.

The FAIR platform the Hyve will develop for the consortium will allow researchers to annotate their data with rich metadata while complying with the concepts of FAIR. The Hyve has been granted this task because of our expertise in FAIR data management. This project started last January and will run until December 2024.

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